Frequently Asked Questions

Well, we ask why not? Expert advice in turnaround times. Access to big business pricing. Full tracking on deliveries. You get what the big guys have access to, all from your own home or office.
When it’s your money, have comfort in knowing what you’re paying for.

Appropriate packaging is generally a cardboard box that is square and rigid allowing the package to be stable and strong enough to protect the goods during transit. Flimsy, soft and uneven/circular packaging increases the chances of damages.

All transport vehicles have both weight and space constraints. Both are critical factors to how a transport company makes money. In order to charge you correctly, a transport company will either work off the total weight or the total space your item takes up - whichever is the greater. Asking you to measure and weigh your item is to check how much space you’ll be taking up on their vehicles.

It’s best to place your item(s) on a flat surface and use a ruler or tape measure to get these dimensions. Please note: All Transport Companies will do their own checks. Anything under declared may result in extra charges at a later date.

Handheld items can be up to 1.5m (150cm) in length.
Palletised items can be up to a maximum of 2.4m (240cm) in length.

Handheld items can be up to 20kg in weight.
Palletised items can be up to a maximum of 1000kg each.

Dangerous Goods are substances that are corrosive, flammable, explosive, spontaneously combustible, toxic, and oxidising or water reactive. These goods can be deadly and can seriously damage property and the environment. SendThat will not move anything classed as a ‘dangerous good’.

That’s ok. Sometimes drivers get busy and just can’t make it to the pickup. But this doesn’t mean they’ve forgotten you. Your pickup would have been rescheduled for the following day. But, please, contact us if this happens again.

SendThat does not offer a packaging service. It is very important that your item(s) is packaged securely and as to the manufacturer’s specification or an appropriate equivalent.

No. Like many, most courier drivers and warehouse staff work Monday to Friday. Collection and deliveries will only happen during the week.

No. We are unable to deliver to a P.O Box.

SendThat and our partners, do not offer insurance for any lost or damaged item(s). All items sent through SendThat will travel at the sole risk of the owner and SendThat and our partners cannot be held liable for any loss or damage to the goods (See Terms and Conditions of Carriage here).
It’s extremely important that you really consider ‘the worst case scenario’ if you choose to send something fragile or of considerable monetary value.

We currently only offer payment options via Credit Card.

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